Phil Dragash

Price List

These are the prices for character art primarily. Character design work and small art for personal and fairly small use. Feel free to contact me about any and all details you need.

For More Commercial Projects And Illustrations


Rough Sketches are the most basic commissions, which can be of whatever is needed, though if there is a commission that requires more elements (environment, a scene, or more than just one character) the detail will be spread between them. As always, we can discuss what is required and I can always estimate a new price if more detail is needed.



Detail sketches are much more… detailed… and serve as a great preliminary to character design and stylization. The shapes and colors are much better defined, and the amount of design I can do for it increases. I would love to work out the design specifics for the illustration you would need, so we can get a great image finished in this advanced sketch. Because I am experienced in different styles, and levels of detail, we can always discuss what is specifically needed for me to give you a proper price quote.



For Line-Art and Flats, this is where the general anime or cel-shaded look comes in. Mostly two-tone shading and pristine line-work to form a finished image, without a lot of flair outside of the basic colors and shading. As always, the context and content that you require will dictate the final price, but of course we can discuss each detail as we go. This is best for character design and full images to use those characters.

Starting At 150$


Full Renders are the big leagues. Sky's the limit, and it starts at 250$, depending on what is needed. Colors, frills, effects, full environment, illustrations, whatever you're thinking – would love to discuss the project and work out where we go from there!



I will work with you from the sketch/conceptual level until the final image. Sending works-in-progress frequently for your approval, up until completion.

  1. Additional fees will be include the client requests more revisions. Please supply me with clear and concise instructions/ references beforehand to avoid miscommunication.


Ever wanted a piece done in that old “Classic” Pokémon Style? I’ve been great at emulating the classic style of Artist Ken Sugimori (new and old), and have had countless commissions for different purposes done! It’s always been a hit, and I’ve always been enthusiastic to tackle it.

I have been happily getting commissions for one trainer + one small/simple Pokémon for 250 USD for the complete full render. For other options, please contact me!


Depending on times, I usually finish things within a week, for more complicated and larger projects a month. Excited to work with you!

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